Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It... Make a Pasta Face

Bella Tunno Bib (too adorable - - thanks Grandma Cathy! It even has a pocket that catches what doesn't quite make it to her mouth), Baby Gap yellow pear shirt (12-18 mo), cheesy pasta and swiss chard. Yes, swiss chard. She loves it. I was tossing some for Pat and myself the other night (with just a little lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic vinegar), and our little budding foodie ate it by the handful! Who'd have thought?
Lila is definitely loving becoming more independent and feeding herself. Singing and clapping is a new favorite thing too - - and although she's camera shy when it comes to singing, here's a little bit of her enjoying "If You're Happy and You Know it" (and getting cheesy pasta all over!). Enjoy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 9 month Birthday to the Bug!

Gymboree purple "Butterfly Kisses" gymmies (12-18 mo). Lila had a very busy weekend! She got to hang out with Daddy on Saturday morning and then went to the park for a walk with Mom, Grandma Robin and Aunt Sarah. Then she got to go to Medieval Times with Papa John, Grandma Robin, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Reid, Mom and Dad. Since it was a two twenty-minute nap kinda day, we were prepared for the worst - - but she LOVED it. She munched on roast chicken, baked potato and garlic bread like a champ and cheered for the black and white knight (clapping is a new favorite activity).

Today, she got to go shopping with Mom and Ms. Kelly. Pat thinks we were shopping for his birthday, but it was really Lila who made out like a bandit. A stop at Gymboree because of an impending pj crisis (she's just growing like a weed), turned in to a few more outfits, too... Lila also got to visit the Easter Bunny - - no trauma or drama, laughed the whole time. Tonight, she tried her first pasta (homemade tomato and carrot sauce - - 'finger food pasta' = early bath) and ate kiwi for the first time. Both seemed to be a hit.

The bug is now definitely Mobile - - with a capital M. She's crawling, climbing and pulling herself up everywhere! We can't believe the bug is getting to be such a big "little girl!" :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beach Baby

Correction - - Gymboree beach baby. :) "Kissing Fishes" swimwear from Gymboree (18-24 months), complete with floppy sun hat and pink ice cream flip flops (size 3 - - which lasted about 5 minutes). A few recent pics from our trip to Florida - - more to come!