Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farmer's Market Sunday

Carter's "This is What Cute Looks Like" onesie (3 mo) and cuffed light pink/dark pink cotton pants (3 mo). The white and pink flowered receiving blanket is from KissyKissy - - and it's definitely a favorite of ours. It's light weight and super soft (been washed about a million times this summer and still fabulous!). Thanks (great) Grandma Shirley and (great) Grandpa Joe for the blanket! Had a great time at the Baltimore Farmer's Market this morning. Lila seemed in awe all of the fresh flowers, so we had to pick up some gorgeous sunflowers for the kitchen.

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  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I can't believe you got to work with Judy Schachner! How great! I figured anyone who could come up with something so cute would have to be fun to work with. =) What do you do, and how were yo able to work with her?

    Lila is beautiful! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!