Monday, December 28, 2009

More Holiday Fun

It's been a whirlwind of traveling the past few days - - Christmas Eve and morning in Maryland and Christmas Day and the weekend in Chicago. Here are a few photos from the festivities! Happy holidays to all! :0)Christmas Eve at the 'farm' - Carter's green velvet and satin party dress (complete with nuk strap...) (9 mo).
Christmas Morning at home in the new chair Santa brought her. Carter's 'my first Christmas' reindeer pjs (6 mo). Thanks to Hannah and Martin for the pjs!! Christmas brunch in Chicago right after we landed. Gymboree green embroidered heart shirt with heart embroidered jeans (6-12 mo). Should have grabbed one of those new bibs Santa brought... Lila was lucky enough to get her two front teeth for Christmas, so drooling is more and more the main cause of wardrobe changes...Christmas dinner at Jackie and Chris' house. Gymboree 'glamour kitty' ensemble - - leopard onesie (12-18 mo) and red corduroy dress with leopard trim (6-12 mo). She's also wearing Baby Gap brown textured tights with footies (6-12 mo) and Gymboree red boots (sz 3). Thanks to Mom (Grandma Robin) for the outfit!
The godmother shot at Mara's christening reception. Gymboree purple smocked top with purple/pink embroidered jeans (6-12 mo). Thanks to Santa. :0)

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