Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eek! First post of 2010?

Well, things have been awfully busy in the Walsh household, but I still can't believe we're almost to mid-January and haven't posted anything! Here are some photos to bring everyone up to speed. :)
Don't bother me, Mom, I'm reading! Old Navy "CUTIE" blue onesie (6-12 mo) with Baby Gap brown "Brennan's Favorite" pants (6-12 mo). Thanks to Kate and Sean for the onesie and Bobbie and Joe for the book!
Too cute. :)Grocery Store fun... and she's so excited to be able to sit in the seat and 'hold on.' Gymboree Fair Isle Sweater with faux fur collar and hat (6-12 mo), Carter's fleece pants (9 mo) and Gymboree boots.
A fellow Wegman's shopper stopped me in the produce section to exclaim, "Gymboree has never looked so good." I have to agree. :)
Neener, Neener, Neener...
Playing in the new exersaucer wearing the Rabbit Moon outfit (blue ruffled top with brown ribbed leggings, 9-12 mo) from the Kolinskys. Thanks, Kathy and Marty!
Such a big girl!! Sitting up in her "Lila chair" - - better view of the leggings. :)

Eek!! Teeth! :0)The contortionist... Carter's green fleece pajamas with pink flower (12 mo). Thanks to Sarah and Reid for the PJs!

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