Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vote for your favorite bathing suit!

So, we are heading some place much warmer for vacation in March and I have some Gymbucks to burn next week - - and I can't decide which of the very cute bathing suits Gymboree has out to buy for Lila. If you're not familiar with Gymbucks, you can accrue them during special times of the year and then redeem them for a short period of time. Since I can't decide which to buy, I thought it might be fun to let everyone vote. You'll notice a poll on the right hand side of the blog - - simply take a look at the swim suit options below and choose your favorite! Poll closes on Saturday. :)

Daisy Dot
Pink Leopard
Polka Dot Ruffle
Sweet Gator Swim
Little Flower

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  1. Boy that is too hard a decision. I made one but she would be adorable in any of them. Have a great trip.